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I am a visual storyteller from Groningen, NL. I lived for over six years in a variety of countries across Africa, Asia, The Middle East and the Europe region. Countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia and Pakistan became my home. And I felt at home because of the people I encountered. Their warmth, hospitality and generosity made me feel welcome. 


World portraits

Between 2019 and 2021, I was based in London so when the pandemic hit us, people in London were only allowed to go out once a day,  I attempted to capture both the sadness, hope and the daily life on the streets. Nowadays, I am back in my hometown Groningen, a small town in the northern Netherlands living a more 'slow' lifestyle and using my camera as a tool to capture the lives of humans from the country and region I am originally from. Making this portfolio a collection of world portraits - portraits of human beings around the world. 

Natural human expression
I have been passionate about portrait photography for the past 15 years. Human beings are at the centre, their stories, culture, and habits. I love to capture natural, human expression the most. And always on the outlook for that one, magical shot, captured at the right time, with the right light, providing a glimpse of the person's personality.


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