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I am a visual storyteller from Groningen, NL.  For over six years, I had the privilege of calling various countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe my home. From the bustling streets of Egypt to the vibrant cultures of Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, and Pakistan, each place offered a unique experience. What truly made these places memorable were the incredible people I encountered. Their warmth, hospitality, and generosity embraced me, teaching me how much Western societies characterized by individualism can learn from the collectivistic cultures of the global South.

World portraits

From 2019 to 2021, I immersed myself in the vibrant streets of London, capturing the city's essence even during the challenging days of the pandemic. Limited to just one outing a day, I sought to document the resilience and hope that pulsed through the heart of the city. Now, I'm back in my hometown of Groningen, returning to my roots after years of globetrotting. I use my camera as a tool to capture the lives of humans from the country and region I am originally from. Making this portfolio a collection of world portraits - portraits of human beings from all corners of the world. 

Natural human expression
I have been passionate about portrait photography for the past 15 years. Human beings are at the centre, of their stories, culture, and habits. I love to capture natural, human expression the most. And always on the outlook for that one, magical shot, captured at the right time, with the right light, providing a glimpse of the person's personality.


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