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Flavours of Tanzania: Karibu Tena

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

After South Africa, Tanzania stands as the second most traveled and widely recognized safari destination. As I began to explore and research places to visit in Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar were the most frequently mentioned. Understanding that Tanzania is often referred to as 'Africa-lite,' I anticipated encountering these destinations bustling with fellow travelers. However, I had a desire to explore the less-traveled paths in Tanzania, driven by my eagerness to immerse myself in one of East Africa's most laid-back, diverse, and hospitable cultures.

2#: Lushly Lushoto: Where Tranquility meets Adventure

3#: Magical Pangani: A Journey Back in Time

#1: Heading to South Tanzania instead of North

Our Journey Starts in Dar Es Salaam

Our adventure began in Dar Es Salaam, East Africa's second biggest port city, where we embraced Swahili phrases such as ''nimefuraha kukutana nawewe = nice to meet you", secured a local sim card, and geared up for an extraordinary experience.

Exploring Dar

Contrary to popular opinion, we spent two nights in Dar Es Salaam, allowing us to acclimate to the climate and chart our course. We were pleasantly surprised by the city's charm, and our visit included a very tasteful meal at the Ethiopian restaurant, Addis in Dar.

Dar Es Salaam

Selous National Park: A Hidden Oasis

Just a day's drive from Dar Es Salaam lies Selous National Park, a hidden gem offering a safari experience comparable to the more frequented northern parks, but at a more reasonable cost. We discovered an amazing full-board Glamping place called "Selous Game Reserve" with breathtaking river views, hippo serenades at night, and incredible sunsets and sunrises. A three-day package allowed us to explore the park through a river safari, walking safari, and a full day game drive safari. Since we personally called several locals, we were able to secure a full private experience: personal driver ensured we saw the wildlife in their natural habitat, including lions with cubs. We couldn't resist extending our stay to five magical nights at Selous Game Reserve. Definitely worth staying!

Selous National Park

#2: Lushly Lushoto: Where Tranquility Meets Adventure

Trekking in the Usambara Mountains

From the serene beaches of Zanzibar, we embarked on a trekking adventure in mainland Tanzania, with the picturesque village of Lushoto as our base. It was an unforgettable experience as we trekked from village to village, immersing ourselves in the Usambara Mountains' rural life. We rarely encountered other tourists in this unspoiled corner of Tanzania, and the ambiance was exceptionally genuine.

Discovering Village Life

Our exploration introduced us to the serene rural life centered around bustling and colorful market days that rotate from one village to the next. This is the Tanzania you've yet to discover, away from the crowds and closer to the heart of the culture.

Usambara Mountains, Lushoto

#3: Magical Pangani: A Journey Back in Time

The Road Less Traveled

The journey from Lushoto to Pangani was an adventure in itself, involving multiple modes of transport: 2 minibuses, a taxi, a ferry and a motorbike ride. Yet, we enjoyed every step, as it took us to the captivating village of Pangani and our final destination: An incredible remote Swahili-styled lodge right on the Cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

A Swahili-Styled Paradise

Pangani welcomed us with open arms, offering a glimpse into history with Indian and Omani trader influences. What made it truly unique was that we were the only guests in our Swahili-styled lodge, indulging in three-course meals, freshly baked bread, fresh fish, and the attentive service of a personal butler. Pangani was a tranquil and enchanting place that felt almost otherworldly.

Capturing the Essence of Travel

While travel pictures may speak volumes, I ventured into a new dimension of storytelling, combining visuals with narrative to share my travel experiences. It is still a trial ;) but at least my first narrative is a fact!

Stay Tuned for More Adventures

The exploration of remote travel journeys continues. In the meantime, let your mind wander through other journey photos around the world here:


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